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The Rise of Daily Fantasy Games

Who hasn’t seen the Draft Kings or Fan Duel Commercials for Weekly/daily fantasy teams on TV? You cant watch a show or sporting event without seeing one. Hell, there is one on this page. During the week of 9/15/2015 Draft Kings ranked number 1 in advertising costs Spending $16.3 million with 5,363 national airings. Fan Duel was right behind them at number 7 Spending $10 million and 2,599 national airings. I even saw news stories about winners on Good Morning America and The Today Show. Guys winning millions and quitting their day jobs.

draft kingsI am sure you know by now how it works. You draft a new team each weak for a fee ($3 for the 100,000 dollar top prize game, $20 for the 1.3 million dollar top prize game) and you must stay within a $50,000 salary cap for your team. Each player is given a dollar amount that is weighted by their skill level. It takes a lot of maneuvering to get your ideal team under the cap. The popularity is rising for good reason, your not stuck with the same team each week. The popularity of these games brings both good and bad attention to the new and upcoming businesses. Politicians across the country, State and Federal, are questioning what the difference is between this and sports gambling on official website. Residents of Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, or Washington cannot participate in DraftKings or FanDuel contests due to state-specific regulations against cash prize awards.

“I am writing to request that the Energy and Commerce Committee hold a hearing examining the relationship between professional sports and fantasy sports to review the legal status of fantasy sports and sports betting,” Ranking Member Frank Pallone (D-N.J.) said in a letter to committee Chair Fred Upton (R-Mich.) and Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade Subcommittee Chair Michael C. Burgess (R-Texas). “Team involvement in daily fantasy sports also raises questions of whether players or league personnel, who may be able to affect the outcome of a game, should be allowed to participate in daily fantasy sports,” he said.

So as the scrutiny from the government begins to heat up, the sites remain open to take your money. The appeal seems enticing to those that enjoy fantasy football. I even found myself getting caught up into it and played for the first time last week. Unknowingly I entered myself into the $20 pool thinking I was entering the cheaper pool. A friend also placed high in his Draft Kings pool and won $20 but in reality he won a free ticket to the $20 pool. In the end, the game is worth playing for the fantasy football addicts like myself. I paid $25, played in the 1.2 million dollar pool, received a free ticket for the 100,000 pool that I’m playing this week and have $5 left to play one more week. And if I do well I can gain more vouchers to keep playing until I win Big.

And just to help you along (and help us out by using our link or promo code of CORNERPUBSPORTS) I will share with you my value picks (low value with good matchups) for Draft Kings below. The strategy I employ is to get 2 or 3 high value sure things and then load up on value picks.

Standard300x250QB’s (pick 1)

Position Name Salary GameInfo AvgPointsPerGame teamAbbrev
QB Russell Wilson 7000 Chi@Sea 04:25PM ET 19.59 Sea
QB Cam Newton 6800 NO@Car 01:00PM ET 20.95 Car
QB Ryan Tannehill 6700 Buf@Mia 04:25PM ET 19.9 Mia
QB Carson Palmer 6600 SF@Ari 04:05PM ET 25.44 Ari
QB Tyrod Taylor 5800 Buf@Mia 04:25PM ET 22.44 Buf

RB’s (pick 2)

Position Name Salary GameInfo AvgPointsPerGame teamAbbrev
RB Justin Forsett 6000 Cin@Bal 01:00PM ET 10.8 Bal
RB Latavius Murray 5800 Oak@Cle 01:00PM ET 16.35 Oak
RB Carlos Hyde 5400 SF@Ari 04:05PM ET 22.65 SF
RB Giovani Bernard 4700 Cin@Bal 01:00PM ET 17.35 Cin

WR’s (pick 3)

Position Name Salary GameInfo AvgPointsPerGame teamAbbrev
WR Jarvis Landry 6400 Buf@Mia 04:25PM ET 21.65 Mia
WR Brandon Marshall 6200 Phi@NYJ 01:00PM ET 22.15 NYJ
WR Larry Fitzgerald 5800 SF@Ari 04:05PM ET 27.45 Ari
WR James Jones 4800 KC@GB 08:30PM ET 15.5 GB
WR Donte Moncrief 4800 Ind@Ten 01:00PM ET 22.4 Ind
WR Terrance Williams 4600 Atl@Dal 01:00PM ET 14.7 Dal
WR Stevie Johnson 4300 SD@Min 01:00PM ET 17.85 SD
WR Doug Baldwin 4000 Chi@Sea 04:25PM ET 16.35 Sea

TE’s (pick1)

Position Name Salary GameInfo AvgPointsPerGame teamAbbrev
TE Jordan Cameron 3800 Buf@Mia 04:25PM ET 10.25 Mia
TE Jordan Reed 3800 Was@NYG 08:25PM ET 16.75 Was
TE Heath Miller 3500 Pit@StL 01:00PM ET 13.95 Pit
TE Ladarius Green 3300 SD@Min 01:00PM ET 14.05 SD
TE Jared Cook 2800 Pit@StL 01:00PM ET 11.6 StL

DST (pick 1)

Position Name Salary GameInfo AvgPointsPerGame teamAbbrev
DST Steelers 3000 Pit@StL 01:00PM ET 4.5 Pit
DST Colts 2800 Ind@Ten 01:00PM ET 2 Ind
DST Vikings 2800 SD@Min 01:00PM ET 7 Min
DST Lions 2700 Den@Det 08:30PM ET 8 Det


You are also expected to pick 1 Flex.


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