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PGA Thoughts: Will We Ever See Another Tiger?

​If you are an avid golfer, you probably have been seeing a new regime of young talent winning on the PGA tour. Jordan Speith, Rory McIlroy, Rickie Fowler are just few names that have been consistent always in contention in the tournaments they play in on tour. However, will there ever be another dominant performance like Tiger Woods did in the early 2000’? Here are a few statistics about how dominant he was in the early part of career.

​In his career, Tiger Woods has 74 career wins on tour, which places him second all time behind Sam Snead with 82. He was the first golfer to complete the Grand Slam winning all 4 majors. (However, it is not a true Grand Slam because he did not win all 4 major in one year). He currently has 14 major wins, only 4 behind Jack Niclaus’s 18 major wins for a career.

During Tiger’s career, there have been major setbacks that could prevent him from passing Jack for first all time in major wins. We all know about the cheating scandal, the knee injuries, and also the multiple back surgeries that have hindered him in competition. Tiger has not competed in a tournament since August of 2015 when he missed the cut and required back surgery. There is good news on the horizon, we saw a video of Tiger in a swinging a club in a simulator, which could mean a possible return for the Masters. ​

​Tiger Woods has had a tumultuous career with trying to chase down Jack Nicklaus’s record for major, the scandals off the course and also with injuries. Will we see a dominant golfer like Tiger was in the early 2000’s? we will see, but there is a lot of young talent that is looking to have the same success has Tiger had during his early career as a tour member.

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