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YOU, the Fan, Should Be Next to Receive a Statue

Frazier Statue Photo from CBS Philly

Cornerpubsports co-founder and editor, Ron Sullivan, asked me to state the case for the next Philadelphia athlete to be cast into bronze and become immortalized via a statue.

I read an article from John Smallwood of, who recently wrote about who should be the next Philadelphia athlete to be memorialized in the form of a statue, and mentioned several legends that are candidates: Brian Dawkins, Allen Iverson, Steve Van Buren, Chuck Bednarik, and Jimmy Rollins to name a few.

While all of them are deserving of a statue, and some of them will eventually get immortalized with their own bronze effigies, the next person to be receive their own statue is pretty obvious.


I know, it’s a little outside of the box, as usually statues are reserved for athletes and coaches who have spent decades in the city and have accomplished great things in their respective sports. However, if anyone deserves reverence or respect, it’s you, the Philadelphia Sports Fan.

Philadelphia Sports Fans are the most passionate people in American Sports. No group of fans are more obsessed with their teams. They drop whatever they are doing to watch athletic contests involving their squads. They have dozens of blogs, and have written hundreds of books. Most importantly, they are loyal to a fault.

Speaking of loyalty, Philadelphia Sports Fans have had to sit through years and years of futility and yet, through it all, are still passionate and loyal to their teams. There have been some good times, like the Phillies most-recent World Series victory in 2008 and the Eagles run in the early 2000s, but Philadelphia sports history has mostly been bad.

For example, the Philadelphia Phillies were the first franchise in American sports history to lose TEN THOUSAND GAMES. The Philadelphia Eagles are one of the few remaining teams in the NFL to not have won the Super Bowl, despite dominating the NFC in the last decade. The Philadelphia 76ers haven’t had a consistently decent team in 20 years and are currently in “The Process” of its darkest years in franchise history. The Philadelphia Flyers haven’t won the Stanley Cup since leisure suits were in style, and yet, they draw near sellout crowds every night.

Yet, they haven’t abandoned their teams. The Flyers and Eagles are regular near-sellouts. The Phillies have had some of the best attendance numbers in baseball for the past 10 years or so. The only team with poor attendance, the Sixers, can be chalked up to fan anger due to “The Process”, which is the sports-equivalent of eating cow feces.

Brian Dawkins can wait a few years, and so can Allen Iverson. It’s time for the Big Four to honor their loyal customers for once …



  1. Pat Chestnut

    February 24, 2016 at 7:31 pm

    Excellent idea.I’ll forgo my statue for the time being to see “Concrete Charley”immortalized for his part in preserving the Eagles last championship.

    • cornerpubsports

      February 25, 2016 at 11:40 am

      Personally, I 100% agree

      – Ron

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