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Is WWE Pulling the Trigger on a Popular Character’s Return?

In honor of awards season, those at had some fun with Photoshop and created some pretty awesome movie posters and corresponding descriptions for what Oscar-nominated films would look like if given the WWE treatment. Among these films were Mean Dean, starring Dean Ambrose and Becky Lynch in the Mad Max-inspired saga, the Kevinant, an obvious play off of the Revenant, which stars Kevin Owens in the role of Leonardo DiCaprio, John Cena in the role of the bear and Michael Cole in the role of Owens’ chief nemesis, and The Monday Night Wars: The Franchise Awakens, aka the WWE version of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a Bishoff LTD production featuring some of the main players in the history-altering WCW vs WWE story.

While all of these films would certainly have promise and major box office appeal, there is one that may perhaps offer even more than that.

The film is called The Spaceman, a re-casted version of The Martian, starring none other than Stardust in the leading role.

It makes sense that Stardust would star in a film called The Spaceman, that’s not the interesting part. The interesting part, and the one that could in fact be telegraphing a major angle planned for the near future, comes in the film’s description (you can read the whole thing here), specifically, the final line and even more specifically, the final three words.

With the planet’s demise looming, NASA recruits Cody’s old friend — disavowed astronaut Oliver (Stephen Amell) — to lead a mission to stop The Dark Lord, destroy the Key and bring Cody back.

Obviously creating these posters was just meant to be fun for likely both the fans and writers alike, so to say that there is a hidden Easter egg of sorts within one of them might be a stretch. However, if you were to read through the descriptions of the other films, they are based off of actual storylines and real matches/angles that have played out on screen. The Spaceman is no exception as it would seem to detail Cody’s transition from his own character to the Stardust one with additional roles being played by Goldust, Eden Stiles, The Ascension and last but certainly not least, Stephen Amell as Oliver aka Oliver McQueen aka The Green Arrow aka the guy who has been engaged in an on-and-off feud with Stardust ever since the build-up to Summerslam.

As a result of his impressive debut at Summerslam, it has been rumored for some time now that Amell is being considered for a singles match against the self-proclaimed Lord of Dark Matter with some thinking that match could come as soon as Wrestlemania 32. Seeds for such an angle were already planted as Stardust interrupted a Q&A with Amell back in February at the Dallas Comic Con, observing that he never lost to Amell being their match was a tag team contest. Stardust also took the time to challenge his rival to a one-on-one bout with Amell gladly accepting.

Aside from the occasional Twitter barb however, nothing more has come of this on TV. But Stardust is not currently engaged in anything at the moment and there are still about four weeks left until the show of shows, meaning there is still plenty of time and opportunity to further develop the story. In fact, given the framework for a Stardust/Amell singles match is already still in place thanks to the match at Summerslam, putting together a storyline for the two wouldn’t be difficult at all.

And this is where that little one sentence description gets interesting because it is the disavowed astronaut, played by Amell, who is leading the mission to stop Stardust, destroy that which made him become Stardust and most importantly, transform him back into Cody Rhodes.

Rhodes himself has posted on his private Twitter account recently with somewhat vague comments that have people speculating about his own return, ending the Stardust gimmick. He posted prior to the Royal Rumble a comment about how there was reportedly “talk” of him coming back to work the event but that he was told there was “no interest” on the part of the WWE. For a while, it seemed the roles were reversed as shortly after his father’s death, Rhodes argued continuing to play the role was in honor of Dusty, and his way of making sure he finished what he started.

Well, perhaps, for both WWE and Rhodes, when it comes to Stardust, everything is finished. At least one can hope. The gimmick has run its course and there’s really nowhere for it to go. So perhaps, one last bout with Amell is in store and perhaps it is this final showdown that allows the astronaut’s mission to succeed, that allows for the first time in what feels like forever, for the WWE and Rhodes himself, to bring Cody back.

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