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Sam Hinkie Is OUT as Sixers GM

Sam Hinkie

If there were whispers that the Sixers were having doubts about the process when Jerry Colangelo was hired, all of those suspicions were just confirmed. Sam Hinkie stepped down today as the Sixers GM.

Although Hinkie technically stepped down, it’s probably a safe assumption that he understood that he wasn’t a part of the revisions Colangelo was inevitably going to make to the front office.

It’s being reported that Bryan Colangelo will be replacing Hinkie.

The move appears to have taken the Sixers by surprise. Ownership was discussing a reduced role with a comparable job title. Most Sixers executives didn’t seem to know if Hindie was fired or stepped down. Hinkie never discussed the move to resign (again, according to Wojnarowski) with anyone working under him.

Sam Hinkie certainly leaves the Sixers with something of a mixed legacy. His #TrusttheProcess supporters will point to a team not obligated to any misspent dollars on the team’s payroll and a world of salary cap space. His detractors, on the other hand, make their case with the remarkable mountain of losses and lack of developed talent.

As it is with all things, the truth is probably hidden somewhere in the middle …


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