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Dean Ambrose Defends His Championship on Raw Tonight

Dean Ambrose

Will Dean Ambrose Lose the WWE Championship on Monday Night Raw?

Stop the presses, because “it” finally happened…

And of course by “it,” I mean at Money in the Bank. Thanks to a ladder climb and an opportunistic use of the briefcase, the WWE actually put the championship on, in the words of Bray Wyatt, “Anyone but you, Roman.”

More specifically, they put the title on a babyface people actually like and want to root for. Someone is genuinely over with the crowd and not any sort of failed reclamation project. For the first time since Wrestlemania XXX when Daniel Bryan heroically ascended to the top by defeating Randy Orton and Batista in a triple threat match, the WWE Universe finally had a champion fans could and absolutely would cheer for in the form of Dean Ambrose.

As quickly as the Age of Ambrose began, it seems it could all be coming toward an end. The champion will be defending his title this week on Monday Night Raw against Seth Rollins, who has done nothing but complain how the title was unfairly taken from him at Money in the Bank. If Rollins gets past that, which is a big if given how the company seemingly can’t wait to put the belt back on the Architect, he’ll only have a tougher challenge taking on both Rollins and Roman Reigns at the Battleground PPV.

Building toward the much anticipated Shield triple threat has been a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand, both Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose continue to show why they have arguably the best in-ring chemistry of any two wrestlers, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, included. The two have carried this program in a fun and entertaining way but have also managed to capture the real animosity one would expect. Rollins is still the same sneaky heel he was when their rivalry first kicked off following the Shield split. Ambrose especially has come off as the shining babyface hero, a role he will likely always occupy as long as he’s feuding with Rollins, a role that has suited him well.

On the other hand, as good as Rollins and Ambrose have been, as much passion as they have shown, at the end of the day, the two are building a triple threat that feels nothing like a triple threat. In fact, if not for Rollins keeping Reigns’ role in the match at the forefront, by constantly arguing he should be taken out of the main event, this would just feel like another Ambrose/Rollins classic. Only this time, it’s with Dean Ambrose as champion, a welcome change to the dynamic.

However, on Monday, it is more than likely that everything goes back to the status quo.

The draft is coming up and there is a new era on the horizon. It makes sense that the WWE would want their top championship on a reliable top name. Short of putting the belt back on John Cena, Rollins makes the most sense. He just turned 30 snd he’s in the prime of his career. He’s worked off most of the ring-rust and before his injury and was in the midst of a 220-day reign with the title. Rollins, in his own words, carried the company for the better part of those seven-plus months. Frankly, he wasn’t wrong.

The brand split provides the company the opportunity to show just how much they value each of their stars. It is widely considered that Rollins will be his brand’s first pick, if not the first overall depending on what decision is made with Cena. Why not put the title on him, thus increasing his stock and that of whichever brand he ends up with?

Monday will mark just 29 days into Dean Ambrose’s first reign as WWE World Heavyweight champion. The WWE may not see him as the longterm face of the company, but the fans are clearly behind him. He’s earned it. Ambrose may not be the best wrestler on the roster, nor is he the best on the mic. What he is, however, is someone who actually benefited from his creative booking. The near misses and close calls, the sympathy he had because he was betrayed by Rollins. There was also the way Ambrose was seemingly left in Roman Reigns’ shadow. Ambrose’s ability and willingness to take some big-league bumps and pull off crazy spots endeared him with the crowd. Even if it did little to get him the respect and appreciation he deserved from the WWE’s top brass.

He’s handled being the champion with great aplomb. Even if he does lose it on Monday or at Battleground to either of his former Shield brothers, no one can take away what he’s proven in his short run. He’s the first champion in a while that the fans have genuinely been excited to see raise the belt. He’ll no doubt be a top pick on Tuesday, whether or not he’s champion. He’ll be a great asset to whatever brand he ends up with, be it Raw or Smackdown.

So to paraphrase the iconic line from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Night:

Dean Ambrose may not be the champion WWE wants, but he’s undoubtedly the one they need.

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