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The Life of a Sports Obsessed Couple

Sports Obsessed Couple

The “Sports Obsessed” Couple Checklist

Some of us are lucky to find the one. Others are lucky to find the one who is just as crazy about sports as they are. I give you, the “Sports Obsessed Couple.”

If you are dating someone that is just as sports obsessed as you are, I am sure you can relate.

  1. Every time you watch a game together, you think, “Thank God we like the same team”.
  2. There have been many silent car rides home after watching your favorite team lose.
  3. Dates strictly revolve around game schedules. “Babe if we go to dinner at five we should be back in time to watch the game.”
  4. The only time you sit on the same side of the table is when the TV at the bar is only facing one side of the booth.
  5. There have been several bets made. Some were friendly, however some are not so friendly.
  6. “Babe do you think (insert poster boy here) is more attractive than I am?”
  7. You both plan on naming your future child together after a favorite athlete.
  8. Classy meals together include hot dogs and beers (maybe in a souvenir cup for special occasions).
  9. There’s no fighting over the radio station when a game is on in the car.
  10. At the end of the day, even though your team may stink, you both love each other.

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