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Golfer Stabbed For Taking Too Long During a Round

Golf Stabbed

We’ve all been in the position of waiting on someone to hurry up and losing our patience. This would seem to take that idea to an extreme. A man was taken to Utah County Jail Saturday night after he was stabbed during a fight between several golfers.

According to Lieutenant Bill Wright, Saturday night a group of four golfers were playing ahead of a 61-year-old Lee Johnson and his his wife. The man and woman thought that the four-some was taking too long and wanted to play through, but the group ahead of them wouldn’t allow it.

Wright says a heated argument broke out and the clubhouse attendants were called. Cooler heads seemed to eventual prevail … until later.

Around the ninth hole, Johnson and his wife again caught up with part of the group. They assumed that they would be allowed to play through, but again the group refused.

Wright said that Johnson then pulled a knife and stabbed one of the group. He was wrestled to the ground by the other golfer from the group.

According to Wright, one man was hurt and the victim was sent to Mountain View hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

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