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Fake Feud Could Lead to Real Wrestlemania Match for Vin Diesel-Rock

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As filming on the set of Fast 8 wrapped a few weeks ago, The Rock, who is reprising the character he made famous in Fast 5, DSS agent Luke Hobbs, took to Instagram to call out some of his male coworkers for operating unprofessionally on set. While the Great One did not take to task anyone specifically, he did say that those he was calling out were “too chicken s*** to do anything about it anyway.” He closed the post with the hashtag: #ZeroToleranceforCandyAsses, using a term he made famous during his time in the WWE.

In the days that followed The Rock’s Instagram explosion, sources were able to confirm that the co-star he was referencing was none other than Vin Diesel himself. According to a report from TMZ, Diesel, who plays the now-iconic Dominic Toretto, the franchise’s main character, was often late to shoot scenes and took his role as producer a little too seriously, using it as an opportunity to goad other actors including the Rock, and criticize them for their acting skills. Additionally TMZ cited the crew, many of whom have worked on the set for most of the Fast films, and who are referring to Diesel as being arrogant, while taking an opposite stance on the Rock, calling him “the ultimate professional” and someone who has been very easy to work with.

The announcement itself came as a shocker as the Fast crew has always been known to be a tight knit group and prior to this outburst, nothing had ever been said about Diesel’s work ethic or unprofessionalism. Of course, tensions could be unusually high because this is the first time the crew is filming without Paul Walker, who passed away three years ago this November in a fatal car crash. Diesel was incredibly close to his co-star and is even the godfather to Walker’s daughter. It’s possible that with the Rock essentially stepping into Walker’s spot as the second lead actor on the film, that there would be some conflict between he and Diesel.

However, it’s also possible that these two, if they had any beef to begin with, squashed it privately and are only publicly broadcasting this feud as a way to build to the ultimate WWE and Fast and Furious crossover promotional opportunity: a match at Wrestlemania 33.

Diesel-Rock Feud: Is it a Work or a Shoot?

According to Life and Style magazine which broke the exclusive on Wednesday, any reported feud between the two actors is being exaggerated and is largely a publicity stunt in an effort to drum up interest and drama for a Wrestlemania match helping to promote Fast 8, which not-so-coincidentally is scheduled to hit theaters on April 14th, less than two weeks after WWE’s flagship PPV occurs in Orlando on April 2nd.

“The Rock convinced Vin to amp up the drama between them so they could turn it into a WWE match to help promote the April 2017 release of Fast 8,” Life and Style’s insider explains. “They are playing a huge prank and it is all for publicity.”

While WWE likely would have promoted their most successful mainstream star’s film anyway, doing so in the form of a Wrestlemania match is certainly bound to get more eyes glued to the screen and more butts in the seats. Celebrity matches have always drawn well and unlike Shaq vs the Big Show, also planned for 2017’s big PPV, this one has that “real” element that fans look for. Because even if the Rock and Vin Diesel are not currently at odds, they may have been at one point, making the potential match must-see in every sense of the word. Not to mention, drumming up this feud and settling it in the ring is only going to increase the box office numbers Fast 8 does as well. All in all, both sides would really benefit from this match coming to life at Wrestlemania.

Of course, even if this plan has been okayed by the actors and WWE itself, it remains to be seen if whatever movie studio the two are working for when April 2017 rolls around would be comfortable with one of their actors, especially one with no technical wrestling experience, getting in the ring. However, if its Universal, the NBC parent company which produced Fast 8 and which just so happens to provide the TV network (USA) for both Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live, it doesn’t seem like that would be an issue.


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