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USA Basketball Staying on a Luxury Cruise Ship During Olympics

USA Basketball

THEY’RE ON A BOAT! U.S. men’s and women’s basketball teams staying on luxury cruise ship during Olympics in Rio

After months of rumors, speculation and horror stories Brazil was finally in the spot light as the Olympic Opening Ceremonies commenced. Inside Naracana Stadium was a display of national pride, a deep history of the rain forest to the beaches and a lot of dancing. The Olympic Cauldron was set ablaze and the games were officially underway. However, that doesn’t really show an accurate picture of how Brazil really feels about the summer games. While inside the stadium was a big party, outside the stadium were protests.

Protests seem to be the least of the Olympics problems as a week before the games Rio fired the security company charged with policing the games and only 12 of the 31 buildings in the athlete’s village passed inspection. The plumbing system can’t handle people actually using it, gas smells fill apartments, and numerous athletes have had their property stolen.

While most of the Olympians will be staying in the village there are some that are making other accommodations, most notably the USA Basketball teams. Under the best of circumstances, it is hard to be comfortable being over 6’5 and not staying in your own home. As Australian Olympian and Dallas Mavericks center Andrew Bogut taught us, even NBA stars aren’t exempt from the less-than-ideal living conditions:

Team USA will try and fix that by residing on The Silver Cloud Luxury Cruise ship for the duration of the Olympics. The ship has close to 200 rooms, a casino, library, fitness center and so much more.

Staying outside of the Olympic Village is nothing new to Team USA as they have not taken up the IOC on their provided accommodations since 1988. Setting aside the collective wealth of the athletes there might not be a group more famous then the basketball teams. When the “Dream Team” was in Barcelona security provide to be a huge issue as everywhere they went huge crowds gathered. Staying in the Olympic Village which is already subpar just doesn’t make sense. The cruise ship will provide maximum security and comfort even with the option to hire experienced cruise ship lawyers in case of accidents or medical negligence as both the Men’s and Women’s teams prepare to bring home the Gold.

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