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The Hex: USA vs Mexico

The Hex

The Hex, the name given to this qualifying World Cup competition in North and Central America, has now begun and the U.S. has already fallen on their first match. With 7 yellow cards and 1 red card (for Mexico’s Carlos Salcedo at the 93rd minute) given out, Mexico has won in Columbus, OH, a place where many, including the U.S team, thought brought the U.S luck.

20 minutes into the the U.S vs Mexico match the tradition of Dos-A-Cero has finally ended. Miguel Layun, with his left foot, got the ball past the Secretary of Defense, Tim Howard, and into the right bottom corner of the net; with not even a hard kick but strong enough to break the Mexico’s streak of losing to the U.S in a World Cup qualifying match. With more bad news in the first half Howard picked up an injury a little bit before halftime and was subbed off by Brad Guzan at the 40th minute.

With the gaming just starting to intensify, Bobby Wood was able to score the equalizer, assisted by Jozy Altadore, at the 49th minute. The U.S had many chances on scoring in the beginning of the second half, at the 55th minute by Jermaine Jones, the 58th by Omar Gonzalez and Michael Bradley and at 61st by Fabian Johnson. American outlaws were delighted and you can hear the hope again in the stands. That all was shattered when Rafael Marquez scored in the 89th minute and the match ended at 1-2.

Last time Bobby Wood has played for the U.S against Mexico he scored an equalizing goal that was able to let us go to extra time, even though we lost that match, like this one, it’s safe to say that we can count on the Hawaiian Native player.

Although not scoring today, Christian Pulisic showed us that he will be the future of this U.S team. At just a little over 18 years old and playing a full 90 minutes, Pulisic showed creativity when he moved to wing from the number 10 spot on the pitch.

The U.S created a lot of chances but the team themselves were hanging to close together, leaving a lot of Mexico’s players wide open and giving them the chance to score. They need to learn how to pass long balls and keep their opponents on their toes instead of easily giving the ball away.

At the end of the night, the U.S lost, Dos a Cero is dead and the Hex has only just begun.

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