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Corner Pub Grub: The Bacon Meatloaf Double-Decker


Welcome to a new year of Corner Pub Grub! It’s been a real privilege to make gamed santos for everyone at Corner Pub Sports. Hopefully we can keep this thing going for another 12 months!

My first sandwich of the 2017 season I went with a bacon meatloaf double decker. It’s served on garlic bread with an assortment of seasonings, fresh and pickled veg, smoked gouda, and of course a dual egg topper.

The beef is from the good people at Esposito’s Meats. Esposito’s was actually voted Best Butcher in Philadelphia for 2016! So, of course, big congratulations to everyone there!

Cheese came to me via Riehl’s Deli and the bacon (with I ground into the meatloaf mix) is from L. Haldeman Family Meats. Pickled peppers and onions, garlic, fresh parsley, and sliced tomato, from Iovine Brothers Produce. Each of these vendors can be found in the Reading Terminal Market.

Mayan sea salt, smoked bourbon barrel pepper, urfa chile, dried shallot, and dried green onion, from my go-to spot for all things spice, The Savory Spice Shop in Princeton NJ.

Finally the French bread, butter, and eggs were all bought at the Columbus Farmers Market.

All locally bought and grown! Always eat Philly!


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