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Bum Wine Bob Reviews the Forty Ounce Ballantine Ale

We are spending the day today with something a little unique when it comes to the brands of forties that we’re most familiar with. Instead of the usual malt liquor standouts, this one comes to us from … Ballantine Ale!


I know … it’s not a bum wine, but when a brewer with this level pedigree releases a forty? You’re almost obligated to sample their take on the style!

Now this is only the second time that I have given Ballantine Ale a try. When I had a 40 of it a few years ago I had to say I was not very impressed at the time. Would it be better the second time around? Did I get a bad batch the first time?


I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong, and I was wrong about Ballantine Ale.

I have to say it was very enjoyable this time. It does have a somewhat hoppy taste, but it’s not too overpowering. The ABV of Ballantine Ale is 4.85% so it’s a tad on the lighter side, which can be a good thing when drinking it in a 40oz bottle.

Ballantine Ale is the BWB Forty Of The Week! Grab a bottle and enjoy!


Make sure to check out and remember to tune in LIVE this Saturday (time TBD) to the bumcast! Grab a drink and join the party! Cheers!

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