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Corner Pub Grub: The Spicy Asian Seafood Sandwich


Seeing as how we’re all still celebrating the Cowboys loss to the Packers on Sunday, for another game day victory, I present another Corner Pub Sports Corner Pub Grub sandwich. This one, however, comes with a bit of an Asian twist to it.

It starts with some seafood. I pinched some leftover cooked shrimp, crabmeat, and scallops from a friend who had shopped Ippolito’s Seafood, on my recommendation.  I then tossed it into the Magic Bullet blender with crushed wonton chips, shallot citrus seasoning from Savory Princeton, Japanese mayo, Tom Tom sauce and took it for a quick spin.

I decided to serve the concoction on toasted and garlic-rubbed bread from Sam’s Italian Market in Willow Grove Pennsylvania.

Turned out delicious (although maybe a touch more kick than I expected)!

Definitely different, but in all the right ways!

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