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Beers on Tap: Jennifer Takes a Look at the Women of Craft Beer

Taps and Caps in Denton, Texas

Recently in my home state of Texas, there was a round table symposium discussing women’s role in the brewing industry.

Let’s meet the girls

  • Meg: Vet tech turned beer lover/professional at Green Flash. She involves herself with the government side of craft beer, as well as the philanthropy aspects.
  • Greta: Computer nerd turned beer nerd/professional at Lakewood Brewing. She loves teaching people about craft beer and the philanthropy
  • Georgi: Police Officer turned beer lover/producer at Peticolas. She loves the science part of it and will be an official brewer!
  • Stephanie: The account manager of Lakewood Brewing/Mommy. She’s a believer that having women in craft beer is of the utmost importance! And that craft beer is mostly sexistfree.
  • Tara: Worked in the hospitality industry and she’s now a pure beer lover and professional at Bell’s brewing.
  • Ashley: Fashion turned beer lover/sales at Community Beer Company. She wakes up every morning lovingwhat she does.It was so wonderfulto listen to these girls talk about some touchy subjects within the brewing world.

One of the subjects brought up was the question of “Is craft beer selling out to the big corporations really that bad of a thing?” They believe that it’s ultimately up to the consumer! Will you stick by your favorite craft brewery as they transition to the big corporation because you love the beer they brew? Or will you bail because you believe firmly that “selling out” is a bad thing for craft beer. Here recently two of our Texas craft breweries, Revolver sold to Miller Coors and Karbach sold to InBev. While many in the industry are upset with the recent news, others have just accepted the fact that the big dog is going to continue to eat up some of our favorite breweries.


The main thing I took from this event was that if you’re a woman and you have a desire to be in the craft beer world … Don’t be shy, just do it! Where do you start? Start with volunteering at your favorite brewery; this will help you decide if the beer industry is right for you. The time is now. Even if it means you need to volunteer at your local brewery or get involved with grassroots… DO WHAT YOU LOVE.

At the end of the day craft beer is about family and fellowship. Enjoy your beer but remember to love who you drink with and who you surround yourself with.

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