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Jimmy Rollins’ MLB Career is Likely Over

Jimmy Rollins (Drew Hallowell / Getty Images)

Some of you may not realize this, but Jimmy Rollins is still playing Major League Baseball.

Make that “was.”

J-Roll, the former MVP and one of the best middle-infielders in Phillies’ history, was told by the San Francisco Giants he will not be making the team’s Opening Day Roster. The Giants opted to keep journeyman Aaron Hill over the former All-Star, which would have been crazy to think six or seven years ago.

However, according to observers, Rollins has lost a lot of his power, and has, more-or-less, become a punch-and-judy hitter. Despite still being a whiz with the glove, Rollins doesn’t offer anything at the plate. Add-in the fact the Giants have possibly the best defensive-shortstop in baseball in the way of Brandon Crawford, and Rollins will likely be forced to accept an assignment or be outright released.

If he gets released, it’s unlikely he gets picked up on a major league deal. He only managed to hit .125 during Spring Training, and at 38 years old, teams may view him as someone who needs to hang em’ up.

It’s admirable Rollins still persists with continuing his career, despite already accomplishing a lot of impressive feats: 2007 National League MVP, World Series Champion, multiple All-Star appearances, Gold Gloves, and, most of all, wearing the crown as the Phillies All-Time Hit-King. He’s a shoe-in guarantee for the Wall of Fame, and could be immortalized in Cooperstown some day.

Speaking of the Hall, Reds legend Barry Larkin is on record saying Jimmy should be recognized as a Hall of Famer. If that happens, you can guarantee he will be wearing a red cap with a big, white “P” on it.

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