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WR Corey Davis Could be an Interesting Target for Mid-First Round Teams

Corey Davis

Corey Davis, a wide receiver out of Western Michigan, is another big name receiver coming out in this draft class. Davis has produced in all four years of his college career at Western Michigan, and that is what NFL front offices want to see. Davis has many strengths, but he also has some weaknesses as well that he will need to improve on to become a top receiver in the NFL.

During his collegiate career, Davis produced like a machine. He was awarded the 2016 Mid-American Conference Offensive Player of the Year after what he did last season.

2013: 11 games, 67 catches, 941 yards, 6 TD

2014: 12 games, 78 catches, 1408 yards, 15 TD

2015: 13 games, 89 catches, 1429 yards, 12 TD

2016: 14 games, 97 catches, 1500 yards, 19 TD

*the following stats come from

He stands at 6’3 and 209 lbs., good size for an NFL receiver. He often uses that size, combined with his athleticism, to his advantage. Davis has a knack for finding the football in the air, and he often uses his leaping ability and good hands to bring in 50-50 balls. Unlike fellow receiver candidate Mike Williams, Davis doesn’t have a problem with speed. He has speed to begin with, but he can also rev it up a bit when needed. Davis is good at tracking the ball when it is in the air and, when combined with his speed, can be a great deep threat. However, Davis can also make catches from any part of the field and from any distance.

Some weaknesses that Davis has are that he lacks elite route running ability. While that facet of his game has improved throughout his years at Western Michigan, it is still not very good and that will allow corners to jam him on his routes and maybe even undercut the route. Similarly to Mike Williams, Davis has had some problems with focus drops throughout his time in college. Also, during his time at Western Michigan, Davis has not had to do much blocking, so teams in the NFL are not too sure of Davis’ run blocking ability.

Davis has many strengths, but he doesn’t have any one thing that sticks out, which is something that could be behind Davis only getting mocked in the middle of the first round. Most mock drafts have Davis going from between pick 12 and pick 20.

The Cleveland Browns, at pick 12, could be looking at taking Davis with their pick. After losing Terrelle Pryor Sr. to the Washington Redskins in free agency, the Browns are in need of another top receiver. The Baltimore Ravens, at pick 16, would definitely be interested in taking a guy like Davis with their pick. Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome should make an attempt at 16 to get his quarterback, Joe Flacco, a new, prized weapon to work with.

In between those teams is the Philadelphia Eagles at pick 14. The Eagles have a variety of needs that they could address in the first round of the NFL draft, including wide receiver. Davis would be a good fit for the Philadelphia offense, and quarterback Carson Wentz would love to have a weapon such as him to throw to. Davis, at the least, could replace Torrey Smith (one-year contract with two option years) as the man to provide the deep threat in this Philly offense. Depending on the draft board, the Eagles could end up taking Corey Davis at 14 and continuing to improve their dreadful receiving corps from 2016.

Draft projection: Mid-first round

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