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Should the Eagles Trade for CB Richard Sherman?

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News spreads fast around the NFL, and nothing spread faster than the wildfire that was created once the news that the Seattle Seahawks were shopping around cornerback Richard Sherman. Many teams were linked to Sherman, including a team that is in desperate need of corners going into 2017, the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles are in desperate need of cornerback help going into 2017. As of now, Philadelphia’s corners consist of Ron Brooks, Patrick Robinson and Jalen Mills. Acquiring a player thats still playing near a pro bowl level would be huge for the Eagles, if they could or are willing to pull it off.

As of Tuesday, April 11, the Eagles stand at having $6.610 million in salary cap space ( Sherman’s contract is set to have a $13.631 million cap hit in 2017 ( Just with money alone, the Eagles would have to make an assortment of other moves to free up the cap space to take on Sherman’s massive contract.

If the Eagles can get their hands on the Super Bowl winner, it would vastly improve their secondary. Sherman totaled 58 tackles and four interceptions last season as part of one of the NFL’s best defenses. Sherman provides the talent, and you would also hope for him to provide veteran leadership for this young Eagles cornerback group. However, Sherman might not fit with defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz’s defense and the Eagles have already shown that they are willing to trade players that don’t fit in the system (just see Eric Rowe trade last season).

The veteran corner might be heading into the end part of his career. At 29 years of age, Sherman’s production might begin to decline as the years go on. Add that onto the concern that he is a system cornerback that is playing in a perfect system for his talents while being surrounded by other elite players in the secondary.

Sherman is a very talented player, but there are risks associated with him as well as what it would cost to get him from the Seahawks in a trade.

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, acquiring Sherman would cost “potentially a first-round pick. Potentially a very good player on a low contract and a pick as well.”

The Eagles currently hold the 14th pick in the first round of the NFL draft, and are in a position where they need to hit on their draft picks so that they can build around their young quarterback, Carson Wentz.

This would be a difficult decision for anyone under any circumstances, but for Howie Roseman, the Eagles general manager, this is an extremely difficult decison to make. Roseman will need to make the judgement call on whether or not Sherman is worth giving up a player and the very coveted first-round pick.

The Eagles are in a position where every move they make is crucial to furthering the development of the team, and trading for Sherman would be a massive move to make, and a move that has very much risk attached to it.

The Eagles should probably lean away from making this trade just because of the risk involved and that the team needs its first-round pick to use on a young, developing player instead of on an older CB Richard Sherman.

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