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Friday Was Another Disappointing Night for the Union

Friday Union NYC FC

The stands were a bit empty at Talen Energy Stadium on Friday night but not because of the beautiful weather we are had on Friday evening but because of how poorly the Union has been performing recently. However, win or lose you can still hear the boos from the Sons of Ben when NYCFC steps out on the pitch.

3 shots were taken within 10 mins of kick-off and it seemed like the team was getting their groove back. Yet of all the 8 shots taken in the first half, only 2 of them were on target. Captain Alejandro Bedoya was one of the players who shot was on target but it was saved and you could see the frustration in him. He and the team placed lots of pressure on NYCFC during the first half with lots of turnovers through the medium of NYCFC 88% pass completion.

The Union conceded a goal 7 minutes after the second half started (goal by Jack Harrison) and things got worse from there. The Union only had the opportunity to take 3 shots in the second half while NYCFC took 11 of them. David Villa took a massive shot from about 45 yards out at 90’ and got the ball passed Andre Blake to score the final goal of the match.

After the match was over Jim Curtin stated that he is an upfront guy and he still believes in his team. He holds the belief that he still has a strong team capable of scoring and winning but it is a challenge that his team has not been able to play a full “90 minutes game”.

Bedoya stated after the match that he sensed a difference in the second half of the match.

“I don’t if we got tired or what but the first half we did pressure them,” he said.

Throughout the entire match, the Union was either were too open and/or pressed against one another and that allowed NYCFC to easily pass the ball to each other and get inside, which obviously is why they had more chances on taking shots in the second half. In an addition to that, with Jay Simpson coming in just before the 80’ the team looked confused with 2 strikers leading them; not knowing to pass to whom. There were lots of errors made today and Elliot summed today’s performance by saying “If you make a mistake, you’re going to get punished by world class players. So, you’ve gotta stay focused for a full 90 minutes”.

It was another disappointing night for the Union and the Sons of Ben. When the match began, it was sunny, warm and the Union was looking straight but as the night ended, a cold breeze came in and the sun went away and so did the hopes of Philadelphia.

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