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Leonard Fournette is the Only Running Back Worth Taking in Round One

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It’s getting to be extremely repetitive on sports talk radio whether the Eagles should take Dalvin Cook or Christian McCaffrey with the 14th overall pick. As we are winding closer to Draft Day, it’s is becoming more and more obvious that:

  1. Dalvin Cook’s personal and legal  problems bring up the ghosts of Michael Vick and Ray Rice.
  2. Christian McCaffery may be better suited to be a wide receiver rather than a running back.
  3. This draft running back depth is incredibly loaded.

The potential of Cook becoming “America’s Next Sports Pariah” and McCaffrey turning into Reggie Bush 2.0 shouldn’t make them worth first round picks, let alone a high one.

There is only one running back that should be considered a first-rounder, and that is LSU’s Leonard Fournette.

On film, Fournette looks like the next Earl Campbell, only he’s much faster than the Oiler great. Fournette is a 240 lb freight train that can not only punish tacklers with his physical, bruising style, but he has the required gear to run past secondaries and score long touchdowns.

Not only that, but Fournette doesn’t have questions about his character or whether he fits the position of tailback. The only issue with Fournette is health, as he missed a handful of games last year due to an ankle injury.

And before you knock him for skipping his team’s bowl game, McCaffrey did the same, except the Stanford back was healthy while Fournette was still dealing with an ankle injury.

If you look back at first-round running backs, the most successful ones all were truly elite collegiate players with off-the-charts talent. Ezekiel Elliot was a monster at Ohio State with all the skills NFL teams crave, Adrian Peterson dominated every level of football he’s played (like Fournette by the way), Chris Johnson was one of the fastest players in NFL history, etc.

So yes, I firmly believe that Fournette will become the next perennial All-Pro back, this generation’s Adrian Peterson, and definitely worth using a first round draft pick.

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