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Philly Pro Sports Continue to Fall Short on Success

If you’re a fan of any of the Four Philadelphia Major Sports Teams, then you must have the patience of a saint. The four teams that most of us have rooted for almost since birth have not sniffed a Championship in quite a long time. In fact most of the four teams wouldn’t know a playoff game unless they paid to attend one.
We live in one of the biggest sports markets in the country but by the way our so-called professional teams have been playing lately, you’d think we live in a one horse town. The venues are still drawing nice numbers and merchandise sales are good. The fans seem to be still there even though top level talent isn’t.
Our professional hockey team, the Flyers, were just eliminated from making the playoffs. It has been since 2012 since they won a Playoff Series and that’s too long. There have been numerous changes in the past five years but the one thing constant is that they underachieve. The team seems to pick talent that is either too shy to show their true greatness or the management team is too uneducated to pick the right players. The Flyers last won a Stanley Cup in 1975 probably before most of you reading this were alive. It’s time that the Flyers fix their problems on and off the ice because four decades without a championship is a disgrace.
The Sixers are our Professional Basketball Team and they will not make the playoffs again this year. In fact the only playoffs they seem to be concerned about these years is the ping-pong ball lottery. The team has also picked their talent horribly. They either draft players that spend most of their career in the doctor’s waiting room or picking splinters out of their butts. The fans continue to come to games and buy their jerseys although the way they get rid of players so quickly hopefully the names on the back of those jerseys are velcroed on. It has been since 1983 that the team were called World Champions and only made it back to the finals once in 2001. Their last playoff appearance was in 2012. There have been numerous changes on and off the hard court and so far they still seem clueless as to what to do to bring back a championship to Philly but they do have some catchy slogans each year don’t they?
The Phillies are getting ready for their opening day but you can hear a pin drop around the excitement of a new year. The Phillies last won a championship in 2008 and haven’t made the playoffs since 2011. This upcoming year has more question marks about their roster than Jamie Moyer had seasons played. In a game where there are no salary caps the Phillies seem to be shopping at a local thrift store for their talent. Once again the fans are being asked to be patient and trust the team’s vision. Is anyone else seeing a pattern here with our four professional sports teams?  The Phillies had an average spring training and nobody really stuck out as a potential super star, which means another year of watching a bunch of no named talent trying to keep it competitive.  That should make anyone rush out to buy tickets right?
Finally we come to the Eagles. This year the Eagles promise us it will be different, now where have we heard that before?  The last time the team won a Super Bowl was, oh I’m sorry Never. The last championship that the NFL recognized before creating The Super Bowl was 1960 which the Eagles won. The modern day team hasn’t  made the playoffs since 2013 but there’s always this year. Once again like our other three teams there has been a lot of changes and like the other three teams still no championship. The Eagles believe they have their franchise quarterback but then again this is the same ownership that believed Chip Kelly was Vince Lombardi reincarnated. This year the NFL draft will be held in Philadelphia and only God knows what might happen but at least it won’t be cold enough to throw snowballs. Yeah, I went there. 
If you are a fan of any or all of these teams, then take a bow. You should be praised to believing all the mumbo jumbo that comes out of their organizations mouths. You should feel great knowing that your hard earned money is making them more money. You should feel fabulous that the seats in their venues enjoy your butt sitting in them, cheering even when there’s nothing but a Kiss Cam moment to cheer for. You should feel rewarded with all that success your teams continue to have, in fact maybe you should have your head examined and take them with you. This is our town, our teams, our misery to share together and as Philadelphians we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Then again there’s always next year?

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