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How to Stop Tanking and PERMANENTLY Repair the NBA Draft

NBA Draft

The NBA has reached a critical mass. While I understand the need to put the best product on the floor, it has also become apparent that in the NBA, in order to accomplish this, the shortest trip to the top goes through the bottom. That’s right. Due to the structure and length of the NBA contract and the fact that these current players have achieved guarantees financially that ensure a team pays regardless of impact, achievement, health or effort. Bad free agent signing​? Pay me! Disgruntled superstar? Fuck you, pay me! Bad draft pick? Still gotta pay! This had led to NBA franchises realizing that the only way to “drain the swamp” is allow it to dry up. This generally means the fans of that city can look forward to a minimum of three years of bad, at the minimum two​, of, at its worst, horrific NBA basketball.

I can’t fix a GM who’s a dope. If you think a Carmelo Anthony getting 27 million per for 4 guaranteed seasons is a good idea, have at it. Nothing’s going to help you anyway. You’re Phil Jackson. Clueless. If you are however, of the mind to build and nurture a winning atmosphere and sustainable model of success, I believe I have absolutely arrived at the solution for the NBA draft.

Project the NBA draft into the future. How? Pick a number of years. 10. 20. 30. I like the number 30 because it allows for the inclusion of every current franchise yet still has space for expansion. Here’s how it works.

When the 2017 NBA season concludes, slot the teams based upon finish from 1-30 irregardless of future swaps, owed picks, and salary space under the cap. Huh? This is simple. Brooklyn would own the #1 slot this year. This pick will still be conveyed to Boston but the Nets will not be rewarded for another year of bad NBA ball. Next year they’ll pick last. Year after that, 2nd. Got it yet? The team who picks 2nd this year will choose 29th in 2028 no matter where they finish numerically that season. This eliminates any payout for tanking.

What if I want to get better now? What is the incentive to add or value of a number 1 pick if I can’t package it for a vet that may get me over the top or into the playoffs now? Under this plan you can. You can trade this pick and add a player even if he takes you over the cap without penalty for up to 10 years into the future. This allows for flexibility and freedom to be creative into the foreseeable future without a desperate GM crippling your franchise indefinitely.

Sounds smart yet? It gets better!

Consider this, if you’re drafting 3rd and trade that pick and your next year’s two for immediate help that could plunge you into the playoffs or title contention, but if you’re wrong you’ll pick first in year 3 of this transaction. The penalty and risk comes because if you screw it up you’ll be picking 30, 28, 26 in subsequent years.

I truly believe this is the NBA answer.

You’re thinking: ‘wait, doesn’t this plan mean that the best team in the NBA will choose second in 2019?’ Yes, that would be correct. However, most likely, if you’re the reigning​ champion you don’t need that addition as badly as a lower tier team, it it may force your franchise to move a veteran player. This creates a market where a Golden State would be more than happy to trade that 2nd pick to a team that owns that slot in 2024, at the point where the Warriors may be aging and in need of replenishment. That means they would own two high draft picks at the right intersection in their future.

I’m not saying this system is perfect, but it’s far superior to what occurs now in 4-5 NBA cities every winter, forces teams to compete nightly, having eliminated ANY reward for designed failure. That alone, makes it just perfect for the fans, and isn’t that who the game is for? Movement would be created through the swapping of picks and players or the combination of both. Scouting the future landscape would be even more critical to the success of each franchise. I can already see NBA teams at high school games identifying their 2021 1st rounder, but we’ll cross that bridge another day. Just kidding … maybe. This is the NBA we’re talking about. That’s my plan and I think it works. Thoughts?

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  1. Sup

    May 12, 2017 at 11:02 pm

    Zach Lowe literally already came up with the “wheel” idea 5 years ago. This isn’t a new concept…

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