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Another 3 Points and Another Clean Sheet for the Union.


The way the Union dominated over the Red Bulls last Saturday was what they needed to kick start a hot streak. After the 15-match winless streak ending last week, the Union went to D.C with a thirst for winning another match; they came back with 3 points, 4 goals netted and another clean sheet.

At first, the match didn’t start out well for the Union. 2 yellow cards were given out in the first 10 minutes of the match (Fabianho at the 4’ and Alejandro Bedoya at the 9’). But as the match went on, the Union became bolder. C.J Sapong carried out most of the goals, 7 of them to be exact, this season but this game showed that the forwards are not the only ones who can score.

The first goal was by defensive midfielder Haris Medunjanin at the 39’. D.C United was being too open on the field, they left the center too defenseless and Medunjanin was able to kick the ball straight down the center and passed the keeper’s hand.

After halftime, things got worse for D.C United. Luciano Acosta was given a red card at the 55’. It was a corner kick at the 64’ that gave defender Oguchi Onyewu his first goal for the Union; the goal was more special to him than people realized at the moment.

After the match, Onyewu stated, “To come back to my hometown, on my birthday (turned 35), and kinda put it in the faces of a lot of people, who in the league, who thought I was too old, too injured to play; too old to compete.”

Midfielder Fabrice-Jean Picault scored a great goal at the 78’. He was able to kick a hard ball between two D.C United players (there they go again with open spaces again). Fabian Herbers, another midfielder, got to score at the 88’ thanks to a quick pass from Bedoya. Herbers just allowed the ball to come to him and the ball ricocheted off his foot and into the left top corner.

After the match, Jim Curtin mentioned how he took pride in having 3 clean sheets and in his team.

“This group really turned a corner at the Red Bulls game. We’ve been through about a difficult time and a difficult stretch as we can go through. And I think we’re stronger because of it.” said Curtin.

Last week, Curtin said that he understood why some fans abandon the team and that they’re fighting to gain those fans back. This surely is a great way to win them back.

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