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The First of Many for the Union

The Union are now home and facing the New York Red Bulls on their throwback night. They entered the stadium in their new “old” black kits hoping for their first win this season against the team who sat on top of the eastern conference table last season.

Some say the best offense is a good defense and the first half was a good half for the Union. No goals were made but they made a lot of passes through the field and that kept Red Bulls on their toes.

The second half of the match was a polar performance to the Union’s season so far. C.J Sapong scored his 5th goal of the season at the 74’. He ran towards the box from midfield and took a hard sharp kick and the ball made it to the back of the net with a little deflection from the Red Bulls’ keeper. Fabian Herbers was just on the pitch for 3 minutes when he made a decent pass to Chris Pontius, who was to the left of the box, and the ball bounced off Pontius’ head and Sapong put the deflection to good use. He headed the ball into the bottom right corner for his 2nd goal of the match (that would bring the tally up to 6 goals this season) at the 81’. Less that 4 minutes later, Red Bulls’ Damien Perrinelle was caught with a hand ball in the penalty area and Sapong stepped up to take a penalty kick; it was a good shot (7 goals for the man of the match now).

“It’s really a testament to how much we’ve gone through and how we’ve stuck together.,” said Sapong said after the match.

“We’re just very very happy. We’re going to let this marinate but still get back to work because we still got a lot of climbing to do.”
“You get on the field, given the road that we’ve been on this season, at this point we’re just trying to forget everything and play.”

Jim Curtin was more than happy for his team sticking together and winning. He stated that he knows that they were in a rut and he assures that the team is working hard to make the fans proud again.

“I want to thank our fans, the ones who stuck by us now, through this tough time,” Curtin said.
“ … And for the fans who bailed on us, we understand and we will work to win you back.”

“People have believed in our team, in our players, in myself and that’s what kept us strong in this tough time. We do this together, each and every day. We work very hard.”

All the hard work paid off. The night ended with a first of many; Sapong scored his very first hat trick and led the Union to their first win of the season!

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