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The Philadelphia Union vs the LA Galaxy

Hoping for their first victory since August 27th, 2016, the Philadelphia Union took a trip to the Sunny state of California to face the L.A Galaxy on April 29th. The Galaxy are probably the most popular club in MLS and they have a name to uphold, but so far this season, they have been in a slump like the Union. With just six points from seven games, LA is seated on the bottom of the western conference table while the Union is seated on the bottom of the eastern side.

The Galaxy had a lucky start; in the 4’ Jermaine Jones made a pass to Giovani Dos Santos but Do Santo lost the ball right away but just as quickly as he lost the ball, he was able to get the ball back due to a horrible turnover from the Union side. Luckily for the Union, his kick was saved by Andre Blake.

Philadelphia started to get more comfortable in the 19’. Captain, and the birthday boy that day, Alejandro Bedoya made a great run and pass the Roland Alberg who nicked the ball in with his left foot and the ball almost made it over the keeper but the tip of his fingers deflected it. Philadelphia had another close chance at the 37’ when a long ball from midfield came in contact the Bedoya’s head and then Richie Marquez’s but his header was way out. It was a great setup and chance but nothing more.

Surprisingly with a possession of 63%, the Galaxy only had 3 shots on goal while the Union had 2. Both teams lacked attacking that night and the game ended in a draw, 0-0. Another non-winning match for the Union.

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