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Did the Sixers get screwed in the NBA lottery?

Last night the lottery came and went for our Philadelphia 76ers. There were so many different combinations of scenarios that could have happened that if you are like me, you woke up this morning with a “what happened” type mindset. I mean, we didn’t get the top pick overall, that’s bad, we didn’t cash in on the Lakers pick to have some combination of 2 top 7 picks, that’s bad, but we did end up in the top 3, that’s good. Then there is the whole conspiracy theorist mindset that was fed into by 2 of the most historic and perhaps luckiest franchises getting 1 and 2 (with the latter screwing us for yet another season of a high 1st round pick).

Now we have to pray that the Lakers don’t cash in on free agency or struggle yet one more year and perhaps get lucky for the upteenth time lottery wise next year when the pick is passed to us no matter what pick it is. Meanwhile we are also left hoping next year’s  draft has talented players.

Anyway, back to this year. There were, I believe 22 different combination of picks the Sixers could have had this year. I did my best to rank each scenario with the best case scenario of getting 1 and 4 in the draft and the worst case scenario of getting only the 7th overall pick. Obviously, there are different percentage chances of each scenario happening and my rankings are somewhat arbitrary, but none-the-less here they are.

1. 1 & 4
2. 1 & 5
3. 1 & 6
4. 2 & 4
5. 1 Only
6. 3 & 4
7. 2 & 5
8. 3 & 5
9. 2& 6
10.*2 Only
11. 3 & 6
12. 4& 5
13. 4& 6
14. 4& 7
15. 3 Only
16. 5 & 6
17. 5 & 7
18. 6& 7
19. 4 Only
20. 5 Only
21. 6 Only
22. 7 Only

So there you have it. Out of 22 scenarios they have the 15th best scenario. Since 15 is more than half of 22, by the number you can conclude that they kinda did get screwed. I will offer this silver lining though. I put an asterisks next to 10, and here’s why. If you hate Ball and think his father is a jackass and/or the kid wouldn’t fit well with Ben, and the Lakers snag him, to you this pick is just as good as the 2nd overall pick. Fultz aside, you can have your guy. I ranked this at 10 which is less than half of 22 and thus puts them on the lucky side of the curve.

I hope this puts things into perspective for all of you trying to figure out how you should feel about last night’s lottery.

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