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A Job Well Done for Everyone as the Union Beats Houston


After a 15-winless run, the Union have not only won the last 2 matches and conceded no goals but also they dominated their opponents, scoring 3 goals against the NY Red Bulls and 4 goals against D.C United. Now they faced the Houston Dynamo on a very warm night in Chester PA.

The game started out well with CJ Sapong and Fafa working together upfront and almost scoring a goal at the 4’. Not long after Fafa did indeed get a goal. A great pass by Chris Pontius, who now is playing on the right side, and an even better jump by Fafa to score a powerful header at the 17’. Pontius again, with the help of Sapong, assisted another goal to Ilsinho at the 37’. Ilsinho simply kicked the ball in with his right foot while the keeper was distracted by Pontius, who by playing on the right side has made a major impact on the offensive side.

In the second half, the game became more intense for the Union who hoped to get another clean sheet. They didn’t close the game as easily as they could have but the match did end 2-0. Today was not a bad day for Andre Blake who celebrated his 50th career start. Blake made lots of key saves to help the Union claim their fourth straight shutout and third straight win.

After the match, Blake stated that he was not even aware of the new milestone in his career because was just happy to win with his team.

“We never had no doubts at all, and that’s a good thing, even in a tough time the guys stuck together and now we’re reaping in success,” said Blake.

Chris Pontius also made is clear that he also had no doubts in his team either.

“I’ve been on a bad team. I know what a bad team feels like. This wasn’t a bad team,” said Pontius after the match.

Jim Curtin cued that the sports performance department plays a role in the Union’s success, for the Union is playing Saturdays to Wednesday matches. It’s safe to say that they, the sports performance department and the Union are both doing their job well because so far, they have dominated the field scoring 9 goals in the last 3 matches within 11 days. Let us have no doubt, like Blake and Pontius, and trust that everyone continues to do their job and this winning streak continues.

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