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Per Reports, 76ers to Trade Up with Boston Celtics

Sixers trade for Markelle Fultz

The rumors have been swirling over the past couple of days about the Philadelphia 76ers trading for the number one overall pick in this year’s draft from the Boston Celtics. Last night, things came to fruition and it seems as if a trade is going to go down between the two rivals, but it will not become official until Monday.

The reports gained traction on Friday when Markelle Fultz, the presumed number one overall pick, cancelled his meeting with the Boston Celtics in favor of meeting with the Philadelphia 76ers. While Fultz didn’t actually meet with the team until Saturday night, the rumors were still swirling about what was going to happen with the trade talks between Boston and Philadelphia.

It wasn’t until after Fultz finished up his workout and meeting with the Sixers that more concrete information came out. NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski first began breaking some of his famous “Woj bombs” late Saturday night.

This was great news for Sixers fans, as before this, Wojnarowski and other top NBA reporters had reported that the Sixers were giving up both of their prized future draft picks, the 2018 Lakers pick and the 2019 Kings pick. However, it now seems like the final deal has been agreed upon between both Boston and Philadelphia.

According to Derek Bodner, the protections on the 2018 Lakers pick are as follows:

The Philadelphia 76ers have traded with the Boston Celtics to get the number one overall pick in the draft so that they can draft Washington guard Markelle Fultz. After all that has gone down in the past day or two, it is extremely clear that Fultz is the man that Philadelphia was going after. He fits what the team is doing, he fits perfectly with the proposed point guard Ben Simmons and he can shoot and score the ball from anywhere on the court.

Well done to the Philadelphia 76ers general manager Bryan Colangelo. After several moves open to question over the past season (handling the tanking, the return on the Nerlens Noel trade, etc), he has made it well known to everyone that the Sixers are moving out of “the process” and into actually “making progress.”

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