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Doug Pederson Needs to Improve his Consistency

Adversity Consistency Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles have made massive improvements in terms of their roster. The offense finally has proven wide receivers, a short-yardage specialist, and depth on the offensive line. The defense has added more talent to fit Jim Schwartz’s 4-3 scheme, and shored up the secondary via the draft and free agency. Howie Roseman did a nice job for a second straight season and is building a decent roster.

While Howie Roseman has improved as a general manager, can the same be said for Doug Pederson?

First, I think Pederson was given a difficult task last season. His offense was then built on short-to-intermediate timing routes, designed to take advantage of Sam Bradford’s skill-set. However, when Bradford was dealt to the Vikings (one week before the season, mind you) , it forced him and his coaches to completely re-tinker the offense, an offense around a rookie QB that barely played in the preseason.

I’m not absolving Pederson from his mistakes last year. Some of his end-game calls were head-scratching, and it cost them victories (their first matchups with Dallas and New York were brought down by coaching errors.) Game management wasn’t Andy Reid’s, his mentor, strong suit, and that is an area in which he needs to improve.

However, the biggest thing Pederson needs to improve on is his own consistency. He is more than capable of drawing up a decent gameplan. His victories over the Steelers and Falcons show he isn’t a dummy. However, getting crushed by the lowly Bengals and losing several tight games shows that Pederson needs to be in command all four quarters. His predecessor, who now works for ESPN, also failed to grasp this.

If Doug fails to get this, he might be working at the “worldwide leader in sports” sooner than you think.

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