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Trying to Make Sense of Jeremy Maclin’s Release

Maclin Photo Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Jeremy Maclin is a solid wide-receiver. Maybe not worth $12 million a year annually, but he is still a quality player.

The Kansas City Chief didn’t feel that way.

The Chiefs released Maclin on Friday to shock. Why would the Chiefs dump Maclin now?

A lack of commitment isn’t a reason. The former Eagles was recently married and reportedly skipped his honeymoon to attend voluntary OTAs.  He has never been a problem or a malcontent since he entered the league in 2009.

What’s more likely is that Maclin’s 2016 season, which saw him establishing career lows in several receiving categories, is cause for his termination. He was expected to be the elite receiver the Chiefs have lacked for several years, and at times in 2015 he was just that.

However, the NFL is a performance-based league and the cap-strapped Chiefs needed to free up space. They had less than two million bucks in cap space and couldn’t even sign top pick Patrick Mahomes. Even worse, they were going to be over the cap  $20 million next year.

Unfortunately, that’s the business of the NFL, and the wide receiver was on the wrong side of it.

However, why now and not months ago? Perhaps the Chiefs were seeking to trade Maclin, as he is still a decent football player. Despite that, teams likely wouldn’t want his contract back.

Maclin is available to sign with anyone and is expected to visit with teams soon.

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