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Red Bulls Redemption Over the Union on Father’s Day

Red Bulls

That Sunday morning was not only father’s day but match day for the Union. After coming home from international duty, captain Alejandro Bedoya spent his first father’s day in Philly in the stands with son watching the Sons of Ben and his team play in the 90-degree weather. After a bad run on the road and dropping points on the MLS table, the Union finally had a chance to gain points against the New York Red Bulls. The match on Sunday was looking quite the opposite to their last meet-up (the union netted 3 goals and got 3 points); both teams looked frustrated, until the last 5 minutes.

Bradley Wright-Phillips, the only striker in MLS history with two 20+ goals in a season, has been on a rocky spell but his resilience paid off for he netted 2 goals in the last 5 minutes of the match, breaking the Union’s and Sons of Ben’s heart in the summer’s heat.

The first half was pretty uneventful compared to the second half. The Union had a good chance at the 22’ when Chris Pontius made an attempt but the Red Bull’s keeper fingers got a touch on the ball and saved their clean sheet. No goals no yellow cards, just a lot of running in the heat.

The second half came and made a mark to the game. Derrick Jones attempted to slide and recover the ball failed and his boots and foot went above the ball colliding with a Red Bulls player, Jones was given a straight red card at the 53’. Kemar Lawrence was a few yards away from the goal post when he played it across to Wright-Phillips who netted the first goal of that match at the 87’. Wright-Phillips was able to run above and faster than the Union’s defenders by finding an open space; he ran forward, leaving the defenders behind, to make an easy and quick touch to the ball, passing Andre Blake. 5 minutes later, Sal Zizzo did the same thing but assisted him from the left side and made the pass to Wright-Phillips who netted another goal and ended the match at 0-2.

Wright-Phillips goals could have been stopped if the defenders did not give him (Wright-Phillips) room to make a great run to surpass them so easily. The team obviously needs to learn how to withstand the pressure until the final whistle is blown, to not give up no matter the score and time left on the clock and learn to withstand the heat because summer is now upon us.

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