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North Dakota Bonding Trip Asserts Wentz’s Standing With the Team.


Carson Wentz and the key wide receivers for the Philadelphia Eagles (Alshon Jeffrey, Torrey Smith, Nelson Agholor, and Jordan Matthews) are currently working/hanging out at the quarterback’s old stomping grounds in Fargo, North Dakota.

To say this is exciting is an understatement. Besides the possible Wentz/Jeffrey bromance getting off the ground, this is extremely positive in terms of Wentz’s standing with the team.

Wentz working out with his receivers locks him in as not only the leader on offense but shows he has the potential to be the leader of this team. Doing work outside of OTAs shows commitment to winning.

Donovan McNabb did the same thing during his off-time in Arizona. Despite most of his wideouts not being very talented, McNabb still produced adequate numbers and the Eagles routinely won 10-12 games almost every year he was the starting quarterback.

McNabb won 92 games as the Eagles starting quarterback, which is a team record. Also worth noting: McNabb was the franchise player, not just the quarterback.

If Wentz can follow in McNabb’s footsteps (and manage to keep his lunch down), there isn’t a doubt in this writer’s mind that he can be special.

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