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No Swans Song for the Union


The day before the match, Swansea spent their day training at the University of Pennsylvania’s soccer field and brought the Welsh weather with them. As a key witness, I can tell you that the Swans looked organized and dedicated while training in the rain. Paul Clement, their head coach, stated after practice that team would like the outcome of the match to have improvement in all areas.

This match could be called a great experiment for both teams. Swansea could use this opportunity to learn from their mistakes for they just lost a friendly last Wednesday to Barnet F.C. The Union can use this opportunity to give some new players their first caps.

Kyle Bartley and Jordan Ayew gave Swansea a lead before halftime with the Union only scoring one goal at the 4’. The Union was awarded a penalty early on in the match and CJ Sapong delivered. Jay Simpson scored the equalizer at the 59’ allowing the match to end in a draw.

Auston Trusty made his first cap with the Union looked great on the field next to defender Jack Elliott. New keeper Jake McGuire, who also made his first cap, did not look like he had the best form and needs more practice before facing a tough opponent like Swansea again. Aaron Jones and Anthony Fontana were another two young players to make their first caps. Jones looked confident in defending while Fontana looked great moving the ball forward.

Since this opportunity was a learning experience Union’s head coach Jim Curtin stated after the match that it was a good practice for the old guys were helping younger ones.

“Haris has put his arm around [Anthony] since preseason. The kid, he makes you smile. He gets on the field and it’s like, ‘Woah. This kid is real.’ It’s exciting now for him to see him step on the field with pros. You can see he’s not scared,” said Curtin after the match.

Curtin also talked about Union’s captain Alejandro Bedoya and midfielder Chris Pontius with the United States Men’s National Team win over Nicaragua.

“To have international players do well for our country, to have young kids coming up and making our decisions tough on the field.”

“We do want to win first and foremost, but it is good sometimes to step back and see that there are some real positive things that the fan base can be very proud of. The Union badge is growing”.

There is no swans song here, it’s the beginning of an “a growing badge”.

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