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Rhys Hoskins’ Surge Showing Little Signs of Stopping

Phillies Left Fielder/First Basemen Rhys Hoskins hasn’t played an entire month on big league ball, but he’s already taking the National, scratch that, ENTIRE Major League by storm.

Eleven homers in 18 games. An OPS over 1.200. 24 runs batted in. The numbers pop off the stat line. No one has accomplished what Rhys Hoskins is currently doing.

Not Babe Ruth. Not Ken Griffey Jr. Not even Hank Aaron.

Conventional wisdom says that Hoskins will slow down when teams (specifically pitching coaches) develop a game plan to stop him. This means less fastballs and more offspeed pitches to get him to chase.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s going to struggle like Yankees’ Outfielder Aaron Judge, who is currently in a massive funk. In 76 plate appearances, Hoskins has drawn 11 walks, while only striking out 13 times. He has already shown a penchant for working the count and drawing out at-bats. He’s already seen 4.6 pitches per at-bat, which is tops in the majors. For a rookie, that’s pretty incredible.

Hoskins’ patience at the plate and his ability to make pitchers throw a lot pitches means he is going to have continued success. In yesterday’s contest against the Chicago Cubs, Hoskins crushed a Koji Uehara curveball to deep left-center. Uehara threw nothing but off-speed pitches to Hoskins (likely at the behest of Cubs skipper Joe Maddon), who fouled off a couple tough pitches and eventually smoked a hanging curve for his eleventh homer of the season.

Barring something unforseen, I don’t see Hoskins stopping any time soon.

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