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Can Hoskins Finish 2017 with 20 Home Runs?

Rhys Hoskins’ 2017 season has been historic; He passed Ted Williams for most home runs by a hitter debuting after August 1st (Hoskins debuted August 10th, by the way.)

Hoskins’ torrid pace is unprecedented. The Phillies would have been happy if Hoskins would have finished the season with 10 home runs.

However, at his current pace, Hoskins can finish the season with 23 home runs.

The left-fielder/first-basemen is averaging a home run in every 7.4 at-bats. Batting third/fourth every game guarantees him about four at-bats a game.

With 20 games left and calculating his current average, Hoskins can finish the season possibly leading the Phillies in dingers, despite playing about a third of the season.

It leaves me to wonder: How many home runs can he slug if he played a full season?

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