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Carson Wentz finally got the monkey off his back

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Yesterday, Carson Wentz added another important milestone to his promising career.

The Eagles 27-24 victory over the New York Giants was his first ever 4th quarter comeback.

Wentz’s detractors (namely, the hot-take artists that pollute the internet) cite that he is unable to engineer a come-from-behind victory. That’s partially true. Last season, Wentz only threw one touchdown in the 4th quarter and had a QB rating of 69.3. He also had several chances to lead a comeback (losses to the Ravens and Giants spring to mind.) Dak Prescott, whom he is often compared to, has a couple comebacks under his belt.

However, Wentz proved his doubters wrong when he drove the Eagles down the field twice late in the game to help the t tie, and eventually, take the lead when time expired.

His biggest play was a 19-yard strike to Alshon Jeffrey with a few seconds left on the clock. The Giants had tight, triple coverage on Jeffrey, but Wentz managed to fit the pass in (and kudos to Jeffrey, he got out-of-bounds with one second left on the clock.)

That led to this:

Elliott received a lot of credit for yesterday’s win, but Wentz’s performance (and comeback) should not be understated.

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