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Despite the win, there are glaring issues

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Well, well, well, week 1 is down and a win is a win, especially against a division opponent. The Washington Redskins had won five straight meetings against the Philadelphia Eagles so this was good to respond and finally get off the schnide. That being said, I want to discuss my feelings towards the head coach, Doug Pederson, and how I feel that he’s not the right guy for the job.

Lets start with Sunday’s meeting with the Redskins. The Eagles made a lot of changes in the offseason, with one of them being signing  LeGarrett Blount. Blount led the league with 18 touchdowns last season. It’s not breaking news that the Eagles struggled in short yardage all last season so this was a smart signing. Blount had some nice runs but then would be replaced, (what is this fascination with Wendell Smallwood?). He’s the kind of runner who needs the ball fed to him constantly. Whats the point of signing him if if you dont take advantage of his strengths?  Doug Pederson calls the offensive plays which seems like he shouldn’t have that control.

Lets talk about the quarterback. Carson Wentz was 26-39 for 307 yards. That was a really good game, right? My question is why was Carson Wentz throwing the ball 39 times, where is the four minute offense with the running game?

The Eagles also seemed to have a pretty good draft in which they tried to address some glaring needs. Rasul Douglas is supposed to be the cornerback of the future along with Sidney Jones, yet he doesn’t even dress for the game. Could that be because hes not being developed?

Look, I KNOW it’s only one game, but this is same stuff carrying over from last season. In my opinion, Doug Pederson looks like a deer in the headlights on the sideline. I get that the players back him, and that was evident by the ridiculous Gatorade shower after yesterday’s game, But if these idiotic moves continue, Pederson is going to coach himself right out of a job.

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