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The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly: Eagles Week One Review

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It wasn’t pretty, but the Eagles are 1-0. A win is a win, but there is definitely some things Doug Pederson needs to clean up.

The Good

  • Carson Wentz is fun to watch. His first quarter touchdown pass to Nelson Agholor showed why the Eagles gave up so much to select him. He tossed another score later in the game, while throwing only one interception (which was tipped, more on that later.) The Redskins aren’t known for their defense, but their secondary struggled against Wentz for most of the day, particularly their safeties.
  • Speaking of Agholor, he had his best game as an Eagle. Besides his 51-yard score, he made a couple nice catches and picked up first downs. The slot looks to be his home.
  • The Eagles defensive line wreaked havoc all day. Washington has a very good offensive line, but they were totally overwhelmed by Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham. Graham might have had his best game as an Eagle, totaling two sacks and forcing a fumble. He proved why the Eagles named him a captain this season.
  • Zach Ertz had another good game against the Redskins. Since Alshon Jeffrey and Torrey Smith were blanketed all game, he was left uncovered for most of the contest. He caught all eight of his targets and finished a few yards shy of 100.

The Bad

  • Doug Pederson made some questionable decisions yesterday. Nearly 70% of the plays called yesterday were passes, and the team failed to establish the ground game. The only time they attempted to establish the run was in the 4th quarter, and it backfired because: one, it was obvious they wanted to run off some clock, and two, they failed to run the ball earlier in the game. The Redskins were teeing off all game and blitzed almost every down. The Reid-Pederson comparisons are definitely justified.
  • Another Pederson blunder: he tried to call a swing pass which involved throwing a backwards pass to Nelson Agholor. The play took too long to set-up and the Eagles, who were driving on the Redskins via medium-to-deep passes, coughed up the ball. Why not stick to what was working?
  • The Offensive-line struggled mightily yesterday. They allowed two sacks and 12 total pressures. If Wentz wasn’t elusive, he would be been ground into a pulp by a suspect-Redskins pass rush.
  • Alshon Jeffrey’s performance was not good. He snagged three passes for 38 yards, his worst performance since 2015. Granted, he is in a new offense and was covered by Josh Norman for most of the game. However, if he wants to be paid like a number one wide receiver, he needs to put up better numbers.

The Ugly

  • The officiating was terrible in this game. Besides the controversial “was it a fumble” call to basically end the game, the officials missed/botched numerous penalties. They failed to call intentional grounding on Kirk Cousins, a blow-to-the-head to Carson Wentz when he threw a pick six (would have nullified that touchdown), and called an illegal block to the back on Jason Peters, which was minutes after reversing the same call on the Redskins.
  • Ronald Darby’s injury looked worse than it turned out to be. He will miss 4-6, according to Ian Rappaport, but his ankle was BENT.
  • Caleb Sturgis will miss several weeks after injuring his planting leg. No word on who the Eagles will work out, but losing your kicker this early isn’t good.
  • Was the Gatorade bath for Doug Pederson really necessary? I assume it was a response to the report that Jim Schwartz is out for Doug Pederson’s job, but really?

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