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Are the Phillies ACTUALLY Considering Ruben Amaro Jr as Manager?

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I still think the odds of this happening are remote, at best. The more time that seems to pass though, the more I keep reading Ruben Amaro Jr’s name attached to the Phillies vacant manager position.

Yes … the Phillies ex-GM. THIS Ruben Amaro Jr (that never learned how to clap … left):

It would seem to almost defy comprehension that Amaro, with very little coaching experience (first base) with the Red Sox, would suddenly be prepared enough to take on a manager’s role. It would have to be one of the strangest meetings in recent memory for Amaro to sit down with the team that let him go and be interviewed by his replacement Matt Klentak for a lower position.

All that being said, Amaro’s name (bizarrely) just seems to keep coming up every time the conversation swings to potential candidates for the Phillies.

This was the quote from Nick Cafardo of The Boston Globe Sunday that stood out to everybody in the local media:

Other candidates believed to be in consideration for the Phillies include Dusty Wathan, manager of the franchise’s Triple A Lehigh Valley team; Larry Bowa, Philadelphia’s bench coach and the conscience of the organization; Red Sox first base coach Ruben Amaro Jr., the former Phillies GM who acquired some of the team’s top young players; Eric Wedge, who was MacPhail’s choice for the Orioles job ahead of Showalter; and Charlie Montoyo, who was recently promoted by the Rays to bench coach.

Now normally I’d just write this off as a reporter throwing names against a wall. However, as I mentioned before, it’s not the first time Amaro’s been mentioned. Jim Salisbury and Corey Seidman coauthored an article less than two weeks ago that ALSO mentioned Amaro as someone the Phillies might look at.

Bringing the conversation back down to earth a bit though, it’s worth noting a few things …

Whenever any team has a vacant coaching spot, a person’s knee-jerk reaction always seems to name some former members of the organization as a possible candidate. In that regard, when Amaro signed on to be the Red Sox first base coach, he was pretty clear he was doing it with the intention of managing someday. So maybe it shouldn’t be a total shock that his name is popping up when the team he grew up with (literally) had a vacancy.

In Cafardo’s article, even he seemed to think that Aramo landing the job with the Phillies would be unlikely. Jim Salisbury and Corey Seidman are terrific writers who are around the team all the time. Even their piece though, is as clear as can be that it was just the two of them brainstorming names between themselves.

However, as much as I just want to dismiss the talk as nothing more than media fire-poking, the idea seems just insane enough for me to think it might have some nugget of truth.

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