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How the Eagles ground game is resulting in victories

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No one, and I mean NO ONE, could have predicted the Eagles would have been a “ground-first” type of football team.

However, the past two weeks have shown the Eagles have been the most effective rushing team in the NFL, and it is making Carson Wentz’s job a lot easier.

The Eagles have ran for a combined 407 yards the past two games averaging 5 yards per carry. Each one of their running backs (Wendell Smallwood, LeGarrette Blount, and Corey Clement) has a touchdown during that span. Each of them possesses a different skill that poses a threat to the opposition. Smallwood is a shifty speedster that is dangerous in open space, Clement is a balanced back that can run between the tackles and to the outside, and Blount does this:

Taking that one step further, the Eagles have possessed the ball almost 17 minutes more than their opponents during those two games. In other words, they have the ball for a full quarter (plus the two-minute warning) longer than their opposition. The defense, which is missing several players due to injury, is able to do just enough to keep them in games.

The Eagles offense has also turned the ball over only once the past two weeks, while the defense has forced three turnovers. There is an old saying in football that states, “Whoever turns the ball over the least wins 75% of the time.”

Carson Wentz has not had to do a lot in the past two games to move the offense. He has made a couple nice throws, but essentially, he’s morphed into a game manager and appears to be very good in that role. When Wentz protects the football, the Eagles simply do not lose.

There is a caveat to all of this: the Eagles were facing the two worst run-defense in the NFL in the Chargers and Giants. The Eagles next opponent, the Arizona Cardinals, allow only 3.2 yards per carry and 80 yards per game. This Sunday will be a true test for the Eagles ground game.




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