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Phil from Mt Airy’s Weekly Philly Top Ten

Philly Top Ten (AP Photo/Gary Landers)

1. Carson WENTZ

2. Zach ERTZ


4. Fletcher COX

5. Joel EMBIID


7. Wayne SIMMONS

8. Nigel BRADHAM

9. Jake Elliott


This week’s Philly Top Ten was delayed due to the need to wait for the EAGLES MNF game to end, and evaluate. Sketchy start, strong finish keeps Doug in the top 10 at #10, when you’re 6-1 and have two more home games before you really see a quality opponent, you’re in.

Tough to rank kickers here but ask Caleb Sturgis just what impact #9 Jake Elliott has had upon this 2017 Eagles season. Caleb who? Exactly.

Nigel Bradham has quietly played extremely effectively verses both run and pass and moves into the top 10 at #8. He seemingly can’t play better, but might have to with the loss of Jordan Hicks.

The TRAIN keeps rolling at #7 as the FLYERS have played 9 games and Wayne SIMMONS has already made the NHL ALL STAR TEAM. What can’t he do? Two way player, power play and penalty killer, if he could only tend goal … Oh well.

#6 is a huge part of this 6-1 start and a major reason why the QB stands so tall in his pocket, and if you watch the film, you’ve seen Lane Johnson getting down field and throwing crazy second level blocks, finishing linebackers and safeties for his backs.

#5 was terrible for one night, but rebounded against the Pistons with an effortless 30 points and 9 rebounds, although I get a sense he’s not pleased at all with the way he’s being used. With the back to backs and a West Coast swing coming up, I think it’s going to resolve itself, or be brought to a head.

#4 Fletcher Cox is the best player on the defense, arguably the best down lineman in football. Despite constantly being double and triple teamed, he’s collapsing the pocket making QB’S rush plays and everyone on the EAGLES defense better.

#3 Ben SIMMONS might be the best basketball player in 76ers history by XMAS. He is absolutely ridiculously talented,and does everything well. Not a great shooter, but this is masked by his ability to get to the rim easily, and his unique vision and feel for the game.

#2 is Zach ERTZ. See last week. Watch the Pro BOWL. He’s the starter at TE. Still want Mariota? Worse, imagine watching the Eagles in Cleveland right now.

Carson WENTZ is #1. Throwing 4 touchdowns on MNF will do that for you. Stepping out of a sack, and into a 17 yard first down run will too. And whatever happened to Kevin Kolb.

Well, that’s my DIME and I’m dropping it. Thoughts and opinions welcome.

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