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The Sixers Commit a Max Extension to Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid 6 predictions

Now the day has finally come. Joel Embiid is officially a long term Sixer. This pretty much has been etched in stone for the club since they drafted him 3rd overall in the 2014 NBA Draft with his ceiling being so high.

First reported by Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the contract is reportedly worth 5 years and $148 million dollars. There are incentives for Embiid as the deal can be worth $178 million if he reaches the criteria put in the super-max deal. The criteria that Jojo has to meet is that he would have to win Defensive Player of the Year or MVP and also making All-NBA teams.

This news is generally going to be received well by the fanbase since Joel has become such a fan favorite with his dazzling play and his antics but the Sixers had just a little bit of cynic in mind when writing up this contract. The team has been through a 3 year process that has been trusted (pun intended) that has included waiting through 2 injury plagued seasons and a 31 game showcase with another injury cutting that short. So the Sixers decided to employ salary-cap protection in case of yet another serious injury. Trust and believe that the Sixers are banking on Embiid to be the A1 guy on the team with such a small sample size, two different GMs, and so much patience exhausted from the team.

The move could possibly put the Sixers on a crutch as the core is now there, as unconventionally it was put together, it is still there. Embiid may have been feeling his ego a little too much by taking the max contract without proving himself in a concrete way. Then you have Ben Simmons, Markelle Fultz, and Dario Saric as the other main pieces on this team in my opinion. I have no worries that Dario will put too much pressure on the team that he needs to be paid like the man, and Fultz I can not judge quite yet. Simmons is the one that I feel is the most likely to want to be highest paid on the team. He’s been compared to Magic Johnson and LeBron James not to mention being the first overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft.

Our Sixers could have a plan as we’ve seen this one to come to fruition as slow as molasses but in the chance that they don’t, it could be a head scratching time for the front office to sort the rest of the team out. All we know is that the team will ride this until the wheels fall off to try and get what is desired from “The Process” … a championship.

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