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Will the Eagles finally capitalize on a poor offensive line?

Defensive Line

The past two weeks, the Eagles defense has failed to take advantage of an opponent with a bad offensive line. The Eagles have had two sacks the past two weeks, despite having eight their first two weeks. Even more concerning, their past two opponents, the Giants and Chargers, both have below-average offensive lines.

This week, the Eagles face the Arizona Cardinals, who lead the NFL in sacks allowed (17) and are pace to allow 68 sacks. This past week, they allowed six sacks to the San Francisco 49ers, who only had three the previous three weeks. COMBINED.

Their running game has become non-existent since David Johnson broke his wrist. They rank 31st in the NFL in rushing, and the next lowest team has played one less game than them (Miami Dolphins.)

This is the week for the Eagles defensive line to show that:

  1. They are worthy of the praise they have received from coaches and media outlets.
  2. They can produce without Fletcher Cox.

In fairness, a big reason for the lack of sacks, besides no Fletcher Cox, has been their opponents using short, quick-timing routes. The Giants and Chargers have ran several slant-routes and the Eagles aren’t doing much to defend them. Since Rivers and Manning are not standing in the pocket very long, it is difficult to get sacks.

However, Carson Palmer has had zero time to throw from the pocket this season. There won’t be any excuses if the Eagles fail to get to Palmer this Sunday.



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