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John Cohl Presents: The Corner Pub Bagel

GDS Bagel Photo via John Cohl's Instagram

Although I’m a little late getting out of the gate this NFL season, after some prompting from our beloved co-creator, I decided to fire up a fan fave from last year. This week the Corner Pub Sports #CornerPubGrub game day sandwich makes its triumphant return! This time in bagel form!

In that spirit, may I present for your approval, the Corner Pub Bagel!

Just as last year, an effort is always being made to present both ingredients and recipes that are easy for anyone to be able to put together. This week, I thought I’d make an extra-effort to keep it simple. We have Lebanon bologna that was cast iron riddled with Amish butter and ghost pepper from Outer Limits Hot Sauce, farmers cheese, and a cage-free egg on a toasted pumpernickel everything bagel!

In my humble opinion, not a bad way to re-kick off my column … again!

More to come!

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