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Merrill’s Colonial Inn is Set to Reopen Its Doors

Merrill's Photo via Merrill's Facebook Page

On October 17, 2017 the town of Belcoville NJ lost an icon and a fixture in the community. Dorothy Louise Merrill “Dot,” the longest living resident of Belcoville, passed away at the age of 95.

Dorothy and her late husband, Alfred, opened Merrill’s as a small bar and kitchen, operating 24/7 in 1959. A dining room was then added and the menu expanded to one comprised of traditional Italian and seafood dishes. Recently honored as the oldest working chef in the tri-state area, Dot continued to run the Inn with generations of family until her passing. Scores of customers were entertained by her quick sense of humor and when combined with her homemade entrees and desserts, it made for a dynamic combination.

Since her passing, the Merrill’s Colonial Inn’s doors have been closed while the family dealt with the loss of its cornerstone.

On the SNJ radio show ‘2 Chicks & a Chef’ this past Saturday Dot’s daughter Angel announced that on November 11th (the “classic” Veterans Day) she will reopen the Mays Landing staple.


Angel (left) hard at work with Mom … Photo via Facebook

She comes prepared. Angel takes the helm the business after decades of working directly beside her Mom. She plans to keep the simple and straightforward Italian-American theme of the menu, but in some cases, adding in her own touch to the dishes. It may be a little bit different, but prepared the same way it’s always been, good food made with basic ingredients and integrity. Just like mom used to make it.

In addition to the familiarity of the menu, the relaxed sense of humor of the staff that Merrill’s is widely known for isn’t going anywhere. To anyone that had met Dot, it’s been universally said that Angel is the obvious inheritor of her Mom sharp wit.

Homestyle food. A fresh pot of coffee, brewed to order. Wooden tables. Four chairs. Come Saturday, Angel and her staff are good to go.

As it turns out, maybe you can go home again.

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