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Phillies Go All-In on Analytics with Gabe Kapler Hiring

The Philadelphia Phillies made one of the boldest moves in franchise history by hiring Dodger’s Director of Player Development Gabe Kapler to become their next manager, eschewing from going the traditional route and hiring someone with managerial experience (John Farrell) or connection to the organization (Dusty Wathan).

Kapler is a major proponent of analytics, according to various sources. Dodgers Team President Andrew Freidman said of Kapler,

“He’s incredibly bright, he’s a tremendous leader of people, and he’s an exceptional communicator.”

During his time with the Dodgers, the team boasted one of the best farm systems in the game, and have some of baseball best young talent on their current roster, including Corey Seager and Cody Bellinger.

However, the big question with Kapler is his ability to manage a baseball game. He has only managed one year in his life, and that was for a Single-A team. He may boast bright ideas and possess a mind inclined towards analytical trends, but managing a baseball team requires a lot more than being bright and having mathematical skills. Dave Roberts, whom the Dodgers ultimately chose as their manager in 2016, had a background in coaching prior to his hiring.

However, it is Kapler’s ability to help develop players like Bellinger and Seager that landed him the job. Rhys Hoskins went on a historic tear to begin his career, and J.P. Crawford, the organizations best prospect, showcased he belongs in the big leagues. Kapler’s job is not only to win ballgames, but develop the team’s deep talent pool.

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