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Six Ways I Was Completely Wrong About the Eagles

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So here we are. Almost a week before the biggest football game Philadelphia has had in just short of 15 years. The Eagles have managed to make the Super Bowl despite losing their standout special teamer in Darren Sproles, their starting kicker, their future hall of fame left tackle Jason Peters, and Jordan Hicks an up and coming talent at middle linebacker on defense.

They also lost their starting cornerback for over half the season, Zach Ertz was out with a concussion for a bit, and … oh by the way … their MVP candidate starting QB Carson Wentz.

Improbably, after being home dogs two straight weeks, the Eagles managed to pull off two convincing wins against difficult opponents. Personally, I picked against them in both games.

This my kneeling on my sword moment, so pay attention.

I’d like to give credit to the following people that I’ve been immensely tough on:

First and foremost, Howie Roseman. He was awarded Executive of the year and I can’t think of anyone even close to him as a runner up. Maybe the success in the front office this year came from the hiring of Joe Douglas, maybe it was Howie doing a little more honest self evaluation … whatever … he nailed it out of the park this year. There wasn’t a single player the Roseman/Douglas tandem brought in this season that didn’t meaningfully contribute. Literally every move the guy made came up roses. Every. Single. One.

Doug Pederson. No disrespect to the job Sean McVay’s done in LA, but given the obstacles the Eagles have had, in my opinion, Pederson deserved the honor. The amount of injuries this team has taken this season would be nothing short of apocalyptic for any other squad.

Sure … in THEIR Super Bowls, the Giants weren’t the favorites against the Patriots either. Eli Manning though was still under center for their trip through the conference. Pederson has  already won more playoff wins as an underdog as Andy Reid did in the same position with the Birds. He learned his craft and he’s done a phenomenal job this year.

The Eagles have been focused, motivated, and prepared each week and Doug gets every bit of credit for that.

Jim Swartz is a wide nine disciple. Coming off Jim Washburn at the end of the Andy Reid era, I wanted no part of that style of defense. Especially after the stories broke earlier in the year that Swartz was looking for a promotion at Pederson’s expense, I put too much faith in internet rumors at the time since I still wasn’t sold on Dougie. Schwartz’s defense has been the backbone of the team for the vast majority of the year.

On the offensive line, I’d like to recognize Halapoulivaati Vaitai. I’m still not sure he’s a starter (I like him more as a super-utility player to bring off the bench) but he had big shoes to fill after Jason Peters went down. Although he struggled at times, he’s done an admirable job in a ton of less than favorable situations. If nothing else, he’s left 100% on the field.

Carson Wentz. I know what you’re saying, but realistically to put up the season he did in year two? It’s almost unheard of. Where he’s at right now I honestly thought he was going to need until year 3 or 4 to get to. Again I couldn’t be more happy to be wrong.

… and this is the one most of you’ve been waiting for … Nick Foles.

Trash quarterback. No better than any other backup in the league, an older Dereck Anderson, product of the system, borderline player in the league, made his pro bowl on the backs of everyone around him, Foles isn’t any better than Austin Davis or Matt Schlub.

I said every one of these things (and likely more).

The only thing I’ll say in my defense is that I genuinely believed this. If nothing else I’ll never lie to anyone that follows me. Maybe you agree, maybe you don’t, but I’m never going to bullshit you all with some inflammatory statement for no reason than to just to stir the pot. If I’m wrong? So be it, I won’t dodge it (and I’m owning this). I’ll never lie to you all though.

Even now, objectively, I still might not believe Foles is a starter, but he’s a big part of the reason the Eagles are in the Super Bowl. When push came to shove? He shoved. The Vikings defense is absolutely legit and Foles carved them like a Thanksgiving turkey. Ton of credit. No couching it, no asterisks, he put in the best game he ever played.

So … to hell with it. Screw’em. We’re playing with house money right now! Any given Sunday, right? Let’s make that SUPER BOWL  Sunday and take out the Evil Empire! You want to be the best, let’s BEAT THE BEST!!!! I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Fuck the Patriots, let get that ring!!!

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