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Vikings Nation Ought to Blame Zimmer/Spielman, Not Eagles Fans

The saltiness of Minnesota Vikings fans is approaching DEFCOM 5 levels of butthurt.

According to this post on the Eagles sub-Reddit, a few Minnesota AirBnB renters are refusing to rent to Eagles fans staying in the area, while others are committing price gouging of upwards of $ 15,000.

This, along with several thousand Viking twitter users and various social media posts, is showing one thing: that Minneapolis ought to be renamed, “Jonestown.”

Seriously. After taking a 38-7 whooping by a team led by its backup signalcaller and missing several key players, one would think fans ought to takeout the pitchforks and torches and blame those in charge.

Mike Zimmer failed to prepare his team to face an offense led by Nick Foles. On paper, the Vikings defense outmatched the Eagles offense in almost every single facet. However, they had their worst game of the season as a defense against an offense that failed to score more than 20 points since Week 15.

That is called being outcoached, my friends.

However, the biggest sinner in this entire Eagles/Viking matchup is Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman. Spielman has done a good job drafting and building a solid roster. However, his handling of the quarterback position has prevented him from achieving great success.

Case in point: the Sam Bradford trade. Spielman put all of his eggs in the Bradford basket when he sent a 2017 first-round pick and a 2018 conditional-fourth round pick to the Eagles for the talented, yet brittle, former Sooner. In a sense, that trade may have prevented the Vikings from defeating the Eagles.

The Eagles used that first-rounder to select DE Derek Barnett, who stripped-sacked Case Keenum on arguably the most pivotal play of the game. Down 14-7, the Vikings are driving deep into Eagles territory and Keenum gets stripped by Barnett, which led to an Eagles’ recovery and eventual touchdown.

The fourth-rounder was sent to the Miami Dolphins for talented running back Jay Ajayi, who had 99 total yards of offense and wore down the Vikings defense with his tough running. Ajayi has given the Eagles a new element on offense, especially in the wake of Carson Wentz’s injury.  Considering the Vikings issues this season at running back, why didn’t Spielman make an offer to Miami for Ajayi?

Good fans hold their team’s accountable. Eagles fans did that in the wake of Chip Kelly, and, take a look, guess who is representing the NFC in the Super Bowl?

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