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Corner Pub Grub: John Cohl presents the SUPER BOWL SANDO!!!

sando John Cohl

For my Super Bowl 52 #CornerPubGrub game day sando, I present for your approval:

The Giardineira Reuben Grilled Cheese 

Made a quick pickled veg relish for this corned beef and farmers cheese choice bite..threw together the relish, ketchup, ghost pepper hot sauce, and mayo to make a Mad Russian dressing. I then mayo’ed up some marble rye and popped it on and off my cast iron press..and we finally have a sandwich for The Tribe, as requested by my friends at Underground Donuts.


Stuff like this isn’t possible without my amazing tagged in friends and social media partners, so please check them out and shop local whenever you can. Much obliged!

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