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Death to Negadelphia

What a month it was.  It is still hard to believe that the Philadelphia Eagles achieved the ultimate goal, the Holy Grail if you will, by bringing home the Lombardi Trophy just a few weeks ago. Not that the euphoric feeling of being a Super Bowl champion will ever lose its luster, but as we move into March, the city of Philadelphia has started to focus on out other teams. As I am writing this, the Flyers are just one point out of the division lead with a game in hand behind the Washington Capitals for the Metropolitan division lead. In hoops, the 76ers are currently the sixth seed, with two games in hand over the Pacers who are two wins ahead. The Phillies have a lot of optimism surrounding them as they have kicked off Spring Training with their young roster and new, energetic manager.

We have been waiting for this.

Some of us were able to look around at all of the talent that was up-and-coming and see that our teams may not be far away from returning to being relevant in their respective sports, but who honestly thought  it would’ve happened so quickly?

About six months ago on the Corner Pub Sports podcast, we sat around the bar talking about how deep in a hole each of our teams were in at that time. We had gone several years without at least one of the teams making the playoffs, and with the rebuilds that were going on, it seemed like we were still a few more years away from seeing the postseason again. The Eagles had not only done the unthinkable with all of the injuries, carrying the underdog role throughout the playoffs, and beat the best quarterback/coach duo in NFL history, but they set the bar for the rest of the teams in the city.

Both the Flyers and Sixers have invited members of the Eagles to pregame ceremonies, and the Phillies had Jason Kielce give a spring training speech to the team. When some of the players on these teams have been asked if the success of the Eagles has rubbed off of them, the general response hasn’t denied that notion.

“Foles played great. The whole Eagles team played great so it was really great to watch… We had a party downtown and we tried to leave and there wasn’t much room on the streets. Everyone was going crazy so it was really nice to get a chance to experience that, so hopefully we can do that.” – Wayne Simmonds

The “woe is us” mentality that many of us in this Philadelphia fan base has carried around with us for the most of our lives should be put to rest. The “Negadelphia” attitude should be buried as well. What the Eagles were able to accomplish not only with a backup quarterback, but with a coach that many were writing off after his first year at the helm, has Disney movie all over it. It was absolutely inspiring, jaw-dropping, and should give us pause when we are doubting our team’s chances when their backs are against the wall. Until that last out is called or when the clock hits zero, we have a fighting chance. This is mentality that we want our children to have when they are learning a sport, and it’s the same way of thinking that we should relay to them while watching our boys battle. As cliché as this all may sound, it should the new attitude in this town. The success and joy that we felt on February 4th when that football hit the turf and confetti fell on the midnight green doesn’t have to end there. We have teams that are capable of giving us repeat feelings of happiness and excitement, and as Doug Pederson said at the parade, “This is the new norm”.

This is what we have been waiting for.

PHILADELPHIA, PA – FEBRUARY 04: Philadelphia Eagles Fans celebrates their victory of the Super Bowl LII game against New England Patriots on February 4, 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania..(Photo by Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images)

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